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Captain Tanner's (Donnie Keshawarz) 
Space Helmet Visor From the 2019 Action/Drama 'Ad Astra'

The Visor is made of acrylic/perspex which has a gold reflective coating inside

It features multiple cracks over the front, However these are not actual cracks that go right through the piece, they have been made by indenting the acrylic along the lines and filled with a lighter chalk like substance to give the illusion of real cracks

Some small stage blood remnants remain from the terrifying baboon attack scene 

*The suits used in this film were rented to production, This Visor was made specifically for the Baboon scene and therefore was taken off the helmet once filming was completed and the original unbroken one was put back into the actual helmet.
 The full suits/helmets have gone back into the rental circuit and will more than likely never be made available to the public*

An incredibly detailed and highly displayable piece from the very memorable scene

The piece remains in overall very good production used condition

This piece comes with a COA from 'Props in Motion Online' which is guaranteed for life

Ad Astra (2019) Captain Tanner's (Donnie Keshawarz) Smashed Space Helmet Visor