A Post-It Note Prayer Sheet from the 2003 comedy film, Bruce Almighty. 

In the film, a reporter named Bruce (Jim Carrey), who is frustrated with his life, gets the opportunity of a lifetime when God (Morgan Freeman) gives him a chance to take up the reigns.

This sheet comes from the scene in which Bruce wishes all of his incoming prayers to be organized in Post-It notes. Upon this wish being granted, he and his entire house are instantly covered in yellow sticky notes.

This sheet is made from photocopies of Post-It notes printed onto one sheet and was used in decorating the house. This allowed set decorators to quickly dress the set without having to individually apply thousands of notes.
So they put up sheets like this around and placed a few single actual post it notes over the sheets, to make it appear that they were all single post-it notes (movie magic!)

It remains in overall fair production used condition with a piece on the left hand side torn off and multiple folds/creases 

Approx size is 11 inches X 9 inches

This piece comes with a COA from 'Props in Motion Online' which is guaranteed for life

Bruce Almighty (2003) Post-it Prayer Notes Sheet


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