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A Piece of Candyman's (Tony Todd) Costume worn on screen in the titular role of the 1992 Bernard Rose film 'Candyman'
Which was Based on the short story by Clive Barker

The piece of costume is a piece from Candyman's Pants/Trousers and is presented in a Display frame, which can be wall mounted or stood on a shelf/desk.

Very little survived from this now Classic horror film, and therefore we are very excited to be able to bring you a genuine piece of Candyman's Screen Worn Costume!

Sadly we only have 10 of these Available, and once they are gone, they're gone!

*The display you receive may contain a slightly different shaped piece of costume, however the size/mass of the piece will be equal or very slightly greater than than the one pictured*

Size of the Costume piece is approximately
 1.3 cm x 1.3 cm

Measurements of the total Display size is 
23 cm x 18 cm x 2.6 cm

This piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from 'Props In Motion Online' which states one of just ten

Candyman (1992) Piece of Candyman (Tony Todd) Costume