Margaret White's (Julianne Moore) SFX Crucifixion Scissors and Skewer

Margaret (Julianne Moore) is Pinned against the wall towards the final scenes of the film by Carrie's (Chloe Grace Moretz) Supernatural Powers, impaling household items through her hands and body.

These Scissors and Skewer Hand Rigs were used by Julianne Moore during the filming of that scene.

The Scissors are made of resin and painted to appear metal, with a metal wire and plate built into the end to fit on Julianne's Hand.

The Skewer is metal, has a metal wire and plate built on the end also which fit around Julianne's hand. 

Added tape around the plate on both made them a comfortable fit for Julianne During filming.

They show signs of Production use, Including dried stage blood and some paint wear to the Scissors, but remain in overall good production used condition.

The Scissors Measure Approximately 10 inches in length, while the Skewer measures 8.5 inches in length Approximately.

2 Printed (unreleased) behind the Scenes photos of Julianne wearing these rigs will Included with them (they are shown above in the photos) 

This piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from 'Props In Motion Online'


Carrie (2013) Margaret White (Julianne Moore) Hand Crucifixion Scissors + Skewer

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