Child's Play (2019) Gabe (Trent Redekop) pre-death costume Consisting of a pair of boxer shorts, vest top and a pair of socks. The shirt and shorts appear to have been washed after filming of the pre-death scenes (A bloody/ripped set of this costume was used for the actual death shots) However the socks remain dirty from use on set, in a separate bag. This costume comes with original studio wardrobe tag with scene numbers used, the tag has the films working title 'kaslan project' (during filming they used that working title to keep secret they were filming child's play, and Kaslan is obviously the company that makes the buddi dolls in the film. This piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Orion Pictures

Child's Play (2019) Gabe (Trent Redekop) Costume (0664)

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