Childs Play 2019
Screen Used Shark Drone controlled by Chucky at the end of the film

This version of the Drone is a breakaway one

(Which is made using hollow plastic and was made to break upon hitting the floor)

These can be seen flying around and being thrown and crashing in the Zed Mart scenes towards the end of the film.

Both wings and also one fin has been repaired after filming, possibly to prepare for another take 
(See photos above)

Also a very tiny tip piece of the tail is missing (see photo)

This is a non functional drone and purely a prop! The blades were added digitally after filming with CGI for actors safety!
... when flying around the store these were on fishing wire and thrown in to shot from over the isles by crew members for crashing down scenes

(Production art department removed the LED light from inside, which lit up the eyes..... however the eye holes are there so would be good idea to maybe put a red LED battery pack light inside the body to light up the eyes for display!

A very Rare highly displayable piece from the 2019 Re-imagining of a classic horror icon!

It remains in overall good production used condition, 
Only a very small number of drones were salvaged from the set after filming

Approx size Length 14 inches X 14 inches Wide

This piece comes with a COA from'Props in motion online' Which is guaranteed for life

Child's Play (2019) Kaslan Shark Drone

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