Childs Play (2019) Hero Kaslan Shark Drone.


This drone and other like it can be seen used throughout the Zed Mart scenes towards the end of the film in which Andy faces the final battle against Chucky.


The prop drone is made in the design of a shark and features the Kaslan Logo, It has piercing red eyes, a bright painted sea-blue rim around the body of the piece and a mouth on the underside giving it a menacing look.


The Piece shows signs of wear from use on the production and time spent in subsequent storage, which includes paint chipping/loss throughout both wings and lone lower fin, the other Lower Fin is no longer present, and the propeller/blades were removed by Production after filming and not present.


Also a very tiny end tip piece of the tail is missing.


This is a non functional drone and purely a prop!


A Very Rare and highly displayable piece from the 2019 Re-imagining of a classic horror icon!


Despite the points stated above, It remains in overall good production used condition, Only a very small number of drones were used on the set. This version is made of more quality materials as apposed to the other versions they used which were thin breakaway plastic made to break easily for the crashing to the floor scenes.

The piece is Made of a dense hollow plastic material.


Approx size Length 14 inches X 14 inches Wide .


This piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from 'Props in motion online'

Child's Play (2019) Hero Kaslan Drone