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Fortitude (2015-2018) (TV)
Hero Breathing contaminated/infected Lab Rat from the Arctic Research Centre.

Seen during season 2 and created especially for the show by SFX artists.

Made of a rubber body with an inflatable sack inside, silicone tail, hands and feet as well as white faux fur

Approx length from tip of nose to end of tail is 33 cm

During production, the Rat would of been connected to an airflow via the tubing which is still present and connected to the underside of the Rats body, to allow a gentle flow of air to be pushed into the piece and then released to give the impression the Rat was infact Breathing

Made to be placed on its back, it was mounted on a white board for use on set, the excess board was cut away when the production ended so the Piece could be easily placed into studio storage

This incredibly detailed piece remains in overall very good production used condition

This piece comes with a COA from 'Props In Motion online' which is guaranteed for life

Fortitude (2015-2018) Hero Breathing Arctic Research Centre Rat