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Fortitude (2015-2018) (TV)
A contaminated/infected Lab Rat from the Arctic Research Centre.

Seen throughout season 2 Only a handful of these were created especially for the show by FX artists.
This particular one can be Matched on screen to the one being lifted from the table after it succumbs to the infection

Crafted from a hard rubber body with silicone ears, nose, feet, and tail, with white hairApprox length from tip of nose to end of tail is 33 cm

Made to be placed on its back, the body of the rat is somewhat flatter in places to appear as though the rat has stopped breathing.

On the Rat's back a small metal wire piece is protruding out from the rubber body from time spent on storage
Despite this fact, The piece remains in good production used condition 

This piece comes with a COA from 'Props In Motion online' which is guaranteed for life

Fortitude (2015-2018) Deceased Infected Lab Rat