A Destroyer Alien Craft Miniature made for the production of the 1996 Classic 'Independence Day'


The Destroyer is made from a resin material and is black in colour, it was made for use on the Production but ultimately was not painted and remains an unfinished piece.


It measures approximately 13 cm across and remains in overall good production used condition. Accompanying the piece is a bespoke display base which features the Film's Title and words 'Production Made Destroyer' etched into the topside. There is a podium and upper plate upon where the miniature sits, the acrylic podium lights up/flashes blue and red for approximately 6-8 seconds each time the wooden base is tapped firmly over the title. The light is powered by batteries on the underside of the wooden base. *We cannot guarantee lifespan of the electronics/lights inside the bespoke display*


A Very Rare and Highly Displayable Piece from the beloved 90's film.


This piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from 'Props In Motion Online'

Independence Day (1996) Unfinished Destroyer Alien Craft Miniature

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