2 prototype Unfinished 'Mungo' heads that was created during the design process for the 2018 Family Film 'Strike'

Originally he was to have eyes inside the head but stop motion animation from the back inside the head to move the eyes would of taken far too much time, so a different design was used for front eye movements 

They are made from a resin material and fabric material

Each piece Measures Approximately 6cm across

The film was shot in 2018 and released in the UK Mid 2019 for a cinema release exclusively at VUE Cinemas, the film was released in the USA in 2020

*Please note this puppet/piece is a retired actor, and is meant for Display Purposes only, the materials used to create this piece may no longer be as flexible/durable as they were during filming, We Do Not recommend trying to change the pose that this Puppet is in, as this may cause damage to the piece.

This piece cannot be used in Film/TV/Advertising and is Protected under Copyright Law.
It is purely being sold as a Collectable Display Piece.

This piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from 'Props In Motion Online'

Strike (2018) Prototype/Unfinished Mungo Heads (S62)

SKU: S62

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