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2 police files used by Janet Scott (Lesley Sharp) and Rachel Bailey (Suranne Jones) in the fifth and final series of 'Scott and Bailey' (2011-2016)


The first is a Manchester Police file with 'Steve Dench' typed into the front lower corner on a label which has inside a mugshot photo of Steve Dench along with a photo of a crime scene which the killer/attacker left a chalk star at scene of Michael Edgerton, a printed prepared Statement from Steve Dench which was used when he was being interrogated and a bank statement..


The second is a file which has 'Craig Widnes' name on the front, has inside 2 photographs, one showing Craig on a CCTV image and another of a chalk star left at a crime scene, also inside is a Manchester police page also showing a photo of the chalk star from a CCTV image.

The remaining pages in the file are 'filler' pages with random information on them not relating to the show.


They remain in overall good production used condition showing some signs of wear from use on set and subsequent storage.


This piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from 'Props In Motion Online'

Scott and Bailey (TV) Rachel (Suranne Jones) + Janet (Lesley Sharp) Files (0586)

SKU: 0586
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