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A Pair of Beast Horns from the 2017 Live Action Film 'Beauty and the Beast'


The Unfinished Horns were created to be used on a full beast costume in the early stages of development on the production.

They are made of a lightweight material.

Ultimately, the studio decided, that the Beast should be created by CGI (Computer Generated Imagery)


Production kept the Horns size and design the same for CGI use in the final film.

The Horns each measure approximately 38cm in length.


Also Included, is a book of Test Fur Samples for the Beasts Costume.

The Folder Has Approximately 53 Fur Samples of various lengths and colours inside, each with handwritten notations.

The Book measures approximately 30cm x 21cm x 9cm.


Overall the pieces remain in good production used condition showing some signs of wear from use which includes paint chipping and general wear.


This piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from 'Props In Motion Online'

Beauty and the Beast (2017) Beast Horns + Sample Book (02001/R)

SKU: 02001
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