Liv's (Jessica Sula) Eagle Flag Pole used in the 2019 Scream TV mini-series 'Scream Resurrection'
(Aka: Scream the series, series 3)

This can be seen in the final episode being used by Liv (Jessica Sula) (episode 6) 

Used Heavily during filming, This was used when we first see Liv (Jessica Sula) and Beth (Giorgia Whigham) leave the Library and when Liv hits Beth over the head with it and subsequent scenes 

This piece was created specifically for filming, the Eagle is crafted from a thin metal armature with a rubber exterior, painted with a gold metallic paint. While the pole contains a metal rod with a thick rubber exterior painted too appear wood

The Eagle itself shows signs of wear from use on set including a small split near the top of the left wing (looking at it from the rear) and also has dried stage blood on one wing, back and front side

The pole shows some paint loss just under where the pole meets the eagle, this was caused after filming when a piece of tape was placed around the pole at this placement when it was returned to the studio

The piece Remains in overall good production used condition 

Measures approx 120cm in length
This piece comes with a COA from 'Props In Motion Online', Which is guaranteed for life

Scream The Series Season 3 (2019) Liv's (Jessica Sula) Bloody Eagle Flagpole