Borlu (David Morrissey) UL Qoma Visitor Pass Lanyard and I.D Wristband

 used in the production of the 2018 adaptation of China Mieville's novel 


The visitor pass lanyard was worn during scenes when Borlu went to UL Qoma

and can be seen being worn multiple times


The Wristband was made for the production and was altered on set as the original clip it closed with, kept coming out during scenes, David Morrissey had a joke about it with the prop department and they altered it on set that day, adding a popper button to keep it closed on his wrist during filming.

it shows signs of wear from use on set, with the yellow tape covering coming away from the plastic band


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The City & The City (2018) Borlu (David Morrissey) Visitor Pass + I.D Wristband

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