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An Ul Qoma Museum Artifact from the 2018 TV adaptation of China Miéville's Novel of the same name 'The City and The City'

The Artifact as per the storyline is made of an 'unknown Metal' and features in the 2nd Episode named 'Ul Qoma' of the 4-part series

It can be seen up close on screen when Inspector Tyador Borlù (David Morrissey) and Katrynia (Lara Pulver) are in a flashback scene in Ul Qoma 

The piece is made in a steampunk insect style and constructed of various metal pieces which have been distressed by the art department to appear like an ancient relic that has been buried for many years

Approx size is 4.5 inches In length and 4.5 inches across

This piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from 'Props in Motion Online'

The City and The City (TV) (2018) Ul Qoma Museum Artifact (0625)

SKU: 0625
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