2 prop knives used in the 2018 TV adaptation of China Miéville's novel of the same name 'The City and the City

These were used by Bowden (Christian Camargo) in the fight with Borlu (David Morrissey) 

The first is a retractable knife where the blade retracts into the handle, although the spring is not present inside therefore does not work as it once did during production.
The handle is made of resin and has an internal metal mechanism, the handle is held together with elastic bands, while the blade is dull metal, this knife was used to stab Borlu (David Morrissey) in the Neck.

The second is a plastic blade covered in silver foil to attract light and used during the struggle the handle is made of resin and metal wire wrap.

The largest measures approximately 22cm length

This piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from 'Props In Motion Online'

The City and the City (2018) Prop Retractable Knife + Plastic Stunt Knife (0575)

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